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Information Become a Friend of Black Hawk Folk Society

Black Hawk Folk Society
PO Box 1093
Wautoma, WI 54982

Bookings/Fundraising: Tom Barrett, 2017 Board Chair, tomstraydog@aim.com

Vendor Wrangler/Historian: Judy Van Schoyck-Fritschler, (608) 586-4317, locustview@maqs.net

Hospitality: Joanne Hesselink, 2017 Board Secretary, (920) 293-4455, sewwhat1@centurytel.net

Treasurer: *Paul Hagan, (920) 295-0385, mailto:prhaganjr@yahoo.com

Newsletter/Webmaster/Publicity: Amy Kowalski, blackhawkfolk@gmail.com

Technical Engineer: Travis Talbott, (715) 570-5984, trtalbott@yahoo.com

Council Member at Large: Guy Kaplan, 2017 Vice Chair, (715) 228-3662, gk500@uniontel.net

Council Member Emeritus: Dave Gunderson, (920) 787-7862, davegunderson@cornerofgs.com

Council Member Emeritus: Betty Trowbridge, (920) 295-0385, trowbridgeb@yahoo.com

Founding Member/Facilities: Pat Connolly, (920) 295-2642, pconnolly7016@icloud.com

*board members who will be retiring soon

Annual Meeting

The annual meeting will be held before October’s concert at the Mountainview Community Center. Council members will be elected during the meeting. A council member is responsible for being active on one of the council committees. Our committees need to grow because most are committees of one person. How would you like to help? Let the council know. Council members presently are responsible for Hospitality, Newsletter, Webmaster, Boutique, Facilities, Bookings, Treasurer, Secretary, Technical, Publicity, and Fundraising. The council meets on the third Thursday of most months. To become more active in the Black Hawk Folk Society, please consider running for a council position or assisting on a volunteer basis.


Mountainview Community Center is located at at N3137 21st Lane,
at the intersection of Highway 152 and County S,
about 2 miles south of Mt. Morris.

The Town Park is on County G in Mt. Morris.


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